Tom Johnson

User Experience Designer


Basically I love to make things that work really well and I love to solve problems. I've been an illustrator, logo crafter, and graphic designer; now I'm an experience designer, detail orienter, user interviewer, and pixel purveyor.

I'm currently managing design at an enterprise software company outside of Atlanta and am taking on requests for UX consulting and other design projects. My availability can sometimes be limited, but my usual lead time to start a new project is around 3-4 weeks.

I Like

  • Fresh out-of-the dryer pants.
  • National League baseball
  • Single-Malt Scotch
  • Clean vector bezier handles

Not SO MUch

  • Indiana Jones 4
  • Obvious plot holes
  • Low ceilings
  • Coconut Shrimp

Who benefits from my services?


I've worked with a number of startups, in and outside of the tech industry. I've found that the most difficult part of design that startups run into is trying too many things at once. Without a clear focus in your designs, your precious first adopters can begin to get frustrated and leave. Why are they leaving? Is it because your value prop isn't right, or is it because your users are encountering slow, or confusing interfaces?

I can take the time to interview those users, or help with cutting out the fat with your interface, so that the experience you want your users to have always comes through.

Small Businesses

Designing logos, websites, or a brand for your business can be difficult and confusing. My first priority with business clients is to try and find them the cost-effective solutions, not just the ones that are popular or flashy. Do you need a custom built website? Perhaps, but often there are much cheaper and quicker options that will better suit your needs.

Those options can give you quicker turnarounds and great results, but choosing and learning a new platform can be frustrating. I help you sort through all of that noise and find the solutions that work best for your business, not for my wallet, often only in the matter of a few hours of consultation.


Design and UX are treated like buzzwords, and they shouldn't be. Design is a pragmatic approach that puts a focus on clear information, and is not about making things pretty. UX design is an objective practice that looks at what your users experience when using your products, and seeks to make it as delightful and easy as possible.

You won't instantly add either of these by hiring me or getting a designer on retainer. Good design is a mindset that focuses on being concise and clear to your users. I help you keep that focus.

My Recent Work

This is not even close to all of my work, as I like to keep this place pretty tidy, but it's the most recent stuff. I really like doing illustration for fun, and most of my old sites were just chalked full of it, but I've tried to keep this place all about the work that is recent and relevant. If you want to see some of those illustrations, you can check out my dribbble account. There's also some mobile and identity work there as well.

Just a fair warning, these pieces are meant to showcase my process, not the how good my UI looked. Without context, any interface is just a glorified piece of art. I hope to give you a little peek into how I came to the end solution, which means these will be pretty text-heavy.

Clear Contact - Native App

Material Design
User Interviews


I worked on this app as a proof of concept while studying UX at General Assembly ATL in 2015. My original concept was to redesign a mobile banking application, but I quickly realized that there was a disparity among my interviewees when it came to the problems they had with mobile banking. Many issues were systemic of banking as a whole, and could not be resolved by a simple app redesign.  

Instead, I shifted gears to address a pain point that I heard in all of my interviews; being on hold. Everyone I talked to cited it as something they hated, so I directed my efforts on lessening that strain and/or eliminating the need to be on hold entirely.

Problem Statement: People hate talking to their banks

Problems with current interaction Methods

  • Being on hold. Specifically unknown or very long hold times. Interviewees cited not knowing how long their call would take as a primary reason not to call.

Atomic Design
Legacy Support

This project has taken a considerable amount of time and effort, and I'm proud of the end result. When I first started at Intradiem, I didn't have any web development knowledge to speak of. I'd designed for layouts for developers in the past, but had never been able to get any large project completed on my own. However, a few weeks after I started at Intradiem, the opportunity to redesign their website was given to me. Rather than shy away as I'd done in the past, I decided to go all in and have a trial by fire with webflow as my tool of choice. The resulting site was something that I can be proud of as my first effort at web design, but I was also painfully aware of it's shortcomings and bloated code.

After about 6 months, I decided to pitch the idea to redesign the site using an atomic design methodology. In principle, I wanted the site to be made up of a small series of reusable elements instead of the one-off styles that currently existed. With a smaller number of styles, the site would be easier to maintain, give enhanced legacy browser support (we needed to work completely in ie8), be much quicker to develop new layouts, all while remaining consistent.

Snapshots of Recent Work

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THings about ME:

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Tools/sites THAT I READ, ENJOY, shamelessly Plug

Joy Lynn - My wife's amazing lifestyle blog

Google's Material Design Documentation - Because it's just so awesome

A List Apart - A blog about the web and such

Webflow - A tool to create websites

Principle - Make interactions stupid easy

Sketchapp - Make interfaces like a boss

Marvel - Make prototypes faster than should be possible

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